StarMakers, please celebrate our birthday!

On December 15th, 2020, MAKESTAR greets our 5th anniversary.

We are preparing various events to share the joy of our 5th anniversary with global StarMakers who love and support KPOP.



🎂MAKESTAR 5th Anniversary Event Part.1🎂


Who was the best KPOP idol released in 2020?

For the idols who made the 2020 shine, MAKESTAR prepare the electronic display of Parnas Mall at Samsung Subway Station in Seoul!




In 2020, MAKESTAR's 100 times of video call events to celebrate the album releasing of KPOP idol.
StarMakers from 200 countries participated in the event!


It was a meaningful year to make special memories for KPOP fans around the world and a number of artists.



For the fans who shared their joys and sorrows with the artists who worked hard on their albums and activities this year, MAKESTAR will give the electronic display of Parnas Media Tower at Samsung Station as a gift to celebrate our 5th anniversary!



How to Participate in the Event🔎


Vote for the best idol who made 2020 shine you think!!!

Thanks to your support, the video of the idol who won the first place will be exposed on the electronic display of Parnas Media Tower at Samsung Station!


📌Voting period: 15:00 on Nov.20, 2020 ~ 23:59 on Nov.30, 2020 (KST)

*You can vote upto 2 times a day (12 hours after 1 vote)

*We selected candidates only for idols who were hosted video call events on MAKESTAR.


📌결과 발표: 2020.12.01 18:00  메이크스타 홈페이지


📌Advertising period: Dec.15, 2020 ~ Dec.21, 2020 (for 7 days)

*During that period on 06:00 ~ 24:00

*Both-sided exposure of Media Tower electronic display


📌Location of advertisement: Parnas Media Tower on the ground, Exit 5 of Samsung Subway Station




[Voting Guidelines]

We ask for everyone's cooperation and understanding as we intend to execute the following policies to provide a fair and accurate voting environment. If and when activity such as below has been detected from a user, the user account will be denied access to the service and all votes casted with the account will be deducted, per Article 48 on Information and Communication Network.

*Article 48 of the Infringement of Information and Communication Networks under the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

③No one shall cause trouble to an information and communications network to interfere with stable operation of the information and communications network in purpose by sending a large amount of signals or data, letting the network process an illegitimate order or doing similar actions.