Many people have requested for group purchase of Donghae Solo Photo book/ Eunhyuk Solo Photo book, which is currently being pre-ordered in China.
After actively collecting your opinions, we contacted the Creator company, which is doing presales of the photo book in China, and they said that direct group purchase is possible.


If we proceed with the group purchase, we will proceed as below.

1. If you complete your payment within the period (Eunhyuk's photo book: Apr.05.2020~Apr.15.2020, 18:00 / Donghae's photo book: Apr.10.2020~Apr.20.2020, 18:00) of preorder in China, you can receive a photo book.
However, please note that the publication may be delayed or canceled like local products in China.


2. Publication Date in China:

Eunhyuk's photo book: Jun.15. 2020
Donghae's photo book: Jul.04. 2020


3. Date of shipment in China:

Eunhyuk's photo book: It will be shipped sequentially from Jun.30. 2020
Donghae's photo book: It will be shipped sequentially from Jul.15. 2020

Delivery will begin as soon as it arrives in Korea after the production is completed.


We would like to ask your opinion on whether to proceed with the group purchase of Donghae & Eunhyuk photo book.

If you want Eunhyuk's solo photo book please vote Eunhyuk!

If you want Donghae's solo photo book please vote Donghae!


Link to local Chinese pre-orders:

Eunhyuk's solo photo book >>
Donghae's solo photo book >>

If you are willing to buy, please vote below to let us know your opinion!
We will decide whether to proceed with the group purchase based on the result of the vote.

Thank you.


Unfortunately, this group purchase will not proceed.
We'll be MAKESTAR with better projects.

Also, if you want a group purchase of other goods in China, please let us know in the comments!
We'll give positive consideration to it~