Hello, 🍓this is Strawberry🍓, one of the admin for projects on MAKESTAR!

Thank you for your passionate support for THE UNTAMED OST Album Pre-Order!
Many StarMakers have requested the next project for THE UNTAMED Art Book.


So we've gathered your valuable thoughts and opinions and made a project proposal to the Creator, that is currently running crowdfunding for the Art Book in China.

Unfortunately, we have been told that it is rather difficult to officially start a separate overseas project. 😂

However! It is possible to participate in the crowdfunding project on the Chinese website as a group purchase!


The project will proceed as follows when a group purchase is made instead of official overseas sales.

1. The funding page (= detail page) on the Chinese website cannot be used within MAKESTAR's website.

(We have no copyrights to use the image except for the "MODIAN" website, which is the crowdfunding website currently running the Art Book project in China.)


2. You can receive the same rewards when the transaction has been completed within the period of the project in China (2019.11.26 ~ 2019.12.26).

However, please note that publications may be canceled or the composition may be changed, as is the case with the crowdfunding project rewards in China.


Set compositions are as follows.

If you are curious about the set [CLICK]>> (Link to the Chinese crowdfunding website)

(1) THE UNTAMED Original Special Art Book + Booklet

(2) 1 Metal Bookmark set (2EA)

(3) Canvas Bag

(4) Photo with Golden Frame

(5) Postcard set (5EA)

(6) Lucky Charm Sticker

(7) "Don't Mess Around(别闹)" Memopad

(8) Additional Benefits when the stretch goal is reached
-One Folding Lotus Dock Bookmark
-Two Postcards
-One Poster
-Yunshen Poster + Two L-type Folders
-Ticket/receipt Binder
-Commemorative Medal Keychain


3. Estimated shipping date in China: March 2020

After production, delivery will start as soon as it arrives in Korea


So, we would like to ask for your thoughts on the group purchase for THE UNTAMED Art Book.

The price for the group purchase through MAKESTAR on Specials Set (includes all the above items) will be KRW 59,000 (Shipping fee is not included)

If you are interested in participating in the group purchase, let us know through the poll below!

Based on the results of the poll, we will decide whether to proceed with the group purchase.

Thank you.