Sending food truck to Mnet competition studio for first place in the voting poll?

Thank you for your great support. With enthusiastic participation of K-POP fans from 180 different countries, here we begin Mnet Official EVENT.



"Time to settle who is NO.1"
Queendom, a comeback war of K-POP's top 6 girl groups!


[EVENT 1] Root for Artist and Send Food Truck! 

Monday, August 26th is 2nd match day of Queendom. MAKESTAR will be in charge of supporting the artist by sending the food trucks, while StarMakers support your favorite artist for a great performance by participating in the voting poll!


Participation Period: until 2019.08.20 5:59 PM KST

*Participants may vote once every hour.

*Winner Announcement: 2019.08.21 6 PM KST


※Food truck will be sent on Monday, August 26th, 2019, the 2nd match day of Mnet , along with banner with a supporting message from the fan club.



[EVENT 2] Guess the Winning Star and Get Presents! 

Who do you think will win the 2nd match on Queendom? Leave us a comment on your guess with a picture of the artist and why you think she/they will win the 2nd match! MAKESTAR will draw and send five lucky StarMakers a lucky box.


How to raise your chance of winning the lucky box:

  1. Leave a supportive comment with your artist's picture after participating in the poll.
  2.  Share this voting poll event on your SNS with the hashtags #퀸덤 #QUEENDOM #ComebackWar #[name of your artist] #MAKESTAR and leave the link of the shared SNS post on the comment section. 

*Winner Announcement: 2019.08.21 6 PM KST


※Your supportive comment may be used as the message for the banner sent with the food truck.


Mnet 「Queendom」 is a comeback war among K-POP's best 6 girl groups who will all release their newest singles at the same time on the same day. AOA, (G)I-DLE, Lovelyz, MAMAMOO, Oh My Girl, and Park Bom will appear on the show. The pilot will air on Thursday, August 29th, 2019 at 9:20 PM KST.


*This event is irrelevant to the rankings from program.


  [Winners Announcement ]

QUEENDOM Official Event



Thank you for your participation in the event poll.

Here are the winners for EVENT 1 and 2.



The first place in the voting poll is MAMAMOO! Congratulations.🎉

- Voters from 150 different countries have participated in this event.



Five lucky StarMakers to win MAKESTAR's lucky box are...

1. 영인최

2. 정휘니이

3. jean21

4. NineSlashSixGogobebe

5. sushishuhua



For reward shipments, please email the following information to by August 30th.


*Required information

StarMaker name / name / email address / shipping address in English (must include country, city and country code) / postal code / contact information


*The shipment will be sent as international postal EMS, so please write the shipping address in English!



[ Voting Guidelines]

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