MAMAMOO, AOA, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, (G)I-DLE, and 2NE1's former member Park Bom, a.k.a some of the top female artists, are competing on the same show with their latest singles???



Queendom, which is scheduled to begin August 29th, has gathered lots of attention ever since the lineup was released. We can already expect amazing stages from these K-Pop queens, and we're even more excited to see them altogether.



[EVENT 1] Support your star and send them a food truck!

For the artists who have prepared stunning stages and the passionate fans who cheer them on, MAKESTAR is providing a food truck to the 1st place winner of this poll!

MAMAMOO, AOA, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, (G)I-DLE, and Park Bom: Make one of these 6 artists a winner by voting for them!

*The menu of the food truck and the actual date of the event will be decided after consideration of both fans' opinions and the artist's schedules.


Voting Period: until 2019.08.20 11:00PM (KST)

*Vote once every hour

*Winner Result: 2019.08.24 6PM (KST)


[EVENT 2] Find the most passionate fan!

After voting, leave a comment in the comment section below, and one lucky winner will be gifted a MAKESTAR lucky box!

*Winner Result: 2019.08.24 6PM (KST)


How to increase your chances of winner:
  1. After voting, leave a comment with a picture of the star you voted for.
  2. Post about this event on your SNS with the hashtags #PleaseMakestar #MAKESTAR_Poll #[Name of artist you voted for] and leave a link to your SNS post in the comments below!



  [Urgent Notice_20190805]  

First we would like to thank StarMakers for the participation in <Mnet 'QUEENDOM' Who is 1st Place?> voting poll.


However, some artists' number of votes will be adjusted as we have detected irregular activities, such as usage of macro program, on the poll. (Time adjustment for counting votes: August 7th, 11 AM (KST))


We ask StarMakers to join us in making fair and accurate voting environment. Thank you.



  [Announcement for Fair Vote_20190807]  

Complaints concerning suspicions of vote rigging have been filed, and we have discovered records of one IP address with multiple accounts voting on the poll. We have currently restricted these users from participating in voting.


If multiple accounts are created to vote multiple times, we will prevent you from participating in the poll.


If you have any questions about the restriction, contact <1:1 Inquiry> and we will confirm and unblock your account.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



[Important Notice] Early Closure Notice(2019.08.13)

StarMakers from 180 different countries, thank you for your participation in the event!


To provide more benefits to the artists, the event will close early with the start of the new poll event.


Thank you again for your heated support and participation. We are prepping and working on the next voting poll by referring to your valuable opinions so the event can be in progress without a glitch.


Please keep on your support and stay tuned.


1. This event is available for participation until August 14th, 2019 at 6 PM KST.

2. As we have promised, MAKESTAR will provide the 1st place winner with a food truck. We will further notify you of the details after discussing the specific schedules with the artist's agency.

3. Comment EVENT winner will be announced as scheduled on August 24th, 2019 at 6 PM KST.


*Coming Soon [ Queendom Official EVENT with Mnet ] will begin.