Everyone who participated in our 3rd anniversary, thank you for your all efforts.🙏🙏🙏

Especially, we would like to express our pleasure those who worked on the image and uploaded it.


Among the ad images posted on the Makestar community,
we selected the images that received the most Hearts (LIKE) as a candidate.

 âœ…Poll(Vote)Period: ~19.01.23(KST)
 âœ… Ad duration: 19.01.28 ~ 19.02.27 (KST)

*The duration might be a change on circumstances.


We're finally in the final stage. Everyone, just a little more fighting!!


*Special image size 4000* 2250 / 100-150 dpi (final delivery)

* Makestar is not the main subject of advertising.

When using an ad image, the copyright part is not responsible for us.

*The final selected person will be contacted via e-mail or other.