The 28th Seoul Music Awards where it will make a total settlement of the domestic music scene in 2018 and be held on 15th, January 2019 at Gocheok SkyDome.

Please vote on who will be the best artist in 2018~
After the vote, we will pick 10 people who left comments and send a ticket to Seoul Music Awards!


Period: Dec. 20th to Jan. 10th.
How to Participate: Among the candidates below, vote for the artists you're supporting for (once 12 hours) and cheer for them by leaving comments!
Winning prize: Ticket of 28th Seoul Music Awards  *2nd Floor, Random (Not for sale)
Number of winners: 10
Winners Announcement: 11th, January at 6pm (KST)


✅TIP Increases Winning Probability!✅

1. After voting, please share the event through social network!
If you post the link in the comment box below, the probability of winning the contest UP!


2. Did you participate in a project that is underway at Makestar?
After participating in a project in Makestar during the event before a vote, winning chances UP!

Please leave comments!

📢Winner Announcement📢


러브동호회 song****
왕눈이관린 rudw****
빨간 모자의 토모미 tomo_ld****
초록27 vert****
Yelin yelin****
연탄이라도되고싶다 funn****
KOPIN0810 conan****
어누누 mmjj0****
sakurarmy 8378****
세상의빛 rkddl4****


*We will contact the winners individually via e-mail so plese check carefully the mailbox.