Thank you very much to worldwide StarMakers for the amazing title suggestions for The Rose's Special Photobook!
Out of the many suggestions, we are revealing the 7 top choices for the photobook title!

The choice with the highest number of votes will be finalized for the title of The Rose's Special Photobook!

Please support for the title that best suits for the photobook!

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*For the title of the photobook, we will carefully gather all ideas left in the comments as the initial announcement.
The final title will be decided by your vote.

Polaroid photos, which were given as prizes for the event, will be sent to the winners by lottery.
Let us remind you once again that winners of Polaroid photos and the selected final title may not match.

*The title candidate is selected after collecting opinions from various staff during the production of a photobook.
We'll remind you once again that the title hasen't been chosen through a random draw.