"Finding out the going ons in the world of K-POP boy groups through the number of fan cafe members.

Let's explore the issues of the 3rd week of April."

In the top 10, BTS increased their fanbase by over 1000.

11-30 group: BTOB and Seventeen displayed a strong showing.

Seventeen is about to release their first full album 'Love&Letter', which is currently the top reserved album on Japan's music sales sites.

31-50 group: Astro and UP10TION has again shown a big increase in their fanbase.

UP10TION has recently released their first mini album 'SPOTLIGHT' on the 18th, and are touring with their title song 'ATTENTION'.

51-70 group: KNK has recorded a triple digit increase in fan numbers.

MADTOWN, and IMFACT are consistent in their move up.

Below 71: M.A.P.6 is slowly making their way up.

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