Finding out the going ons in the world of Kpop girl groups through the number of fan cafe members. Let's explore the issues of the 1st week of September.

MAMAMOO and GFriend have gained 350 and 790 fans, respectively.

11~30 group: I.O.I has gained over 480 fans this week.
Oh My Girl claims the 18th spot over T-ARA by gaining 340 new fans.
Twice has gained 200 new fans, while GU9UDAN steps over Crayon-pop to claim the 27th spot by gaining 160 new fans.

31~50 group: The fight for positions is fierce in this group.
SONAMOO has beat Rainbow to claim 35th, LABOUM beats out Fiestar to claim 37th, and WJSN has stepped over Sunny Hill to claim 39th.

51~70 group: Not much activity in this group.

71 and below: A.DE has moved up one spot to 77th.

You can download the full chart image through the below link.

[Download the full chart]

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