Finding out the going ons in the world of Kpop girl groups through the number of fan cafe members. Let's explore the issues of the 4th week of August.

MAMAMOO is closing in fast on Girl's Day who sit at 4th, by gaining another 800 or so fans this week.
GFriend as well has gained 1900 new fans,

11~30 group: I.O.I has gained 800 new fans, bringing them closer to EXID who sits at 11th.
Oh My Girl has gained 600 fans, while Twice beat out Davichi for spot 21 by gaining 420 fans.
DIA has entered the top 30 list with 140 new fans.

31~50 group: Cosmic Girls has moved past Stellar by gaining 480 fans, and are now at spot 40.

51~70 group: Not much activity in this group.

71 and below: Not much activity in this group.

You can download the full chart image through the below link.

[Download the full chart]

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