Finding out the going ons in the world of Kpop girl groups through the number of fan cafe members. Let's explore the issues of the 4th week of July.

MAMAMOO has gained another 400 fans this week.
Lovelyz gained around 340 new fans, while GFriend continued strong by picking up 1500 new fans, supplanting AOA from the 9th spot.

11~30 group: The newcomers Gugudan has taken the 28th spot with 680 new fans, replacing Ladies Code.
Twice and Oh My Girl have gained 500 and 400 new fans respectively.

31~50 group: DIA has jumped up 2 spots to 32nd, stepping over Bestie and Gavy NJ.
Sonamoo and BerryGood have each moved up a spot to 36th and 48th, respectively.

51~70 group: Brave Girls has moved past WA$$UP to take the 51st spot.

Below 71 group: D.Holic has moved up a spot to 75th.

You can download the full chart image through the below link.

[Download the full chart]

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