Finding out the going ons in the world of K-POP boy groups through the number of fan cafe members. Let's explore the issues of the 3rd week of July.

BTS continues strong with over 1200 new fans, now totallingover 300,000.
In the top 10, BEAST and INFINITE have each gained over 200 fans.

11~30 group: BTOB, Seventeen, and MONSTA X show no sign of upward traction.
IKON has stepped over ZE:A to claim the 25 spot.

31~50 group: Astro and UP10TION have put up a strong showing again this week.
Astro has gained close to 1000 new fans this week, closing in on TRAX which sits at 31st with about 2000 more fans.
UP10TION has moved past Double A to claim spot 38.

51~70 group: KNK, and MADTOWN continue their climb.

71 and under group: Not much activity in this group.

You can download the full chart image through the below link.


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