Block B confirms their comeback at midnight of the 11th with their new mini album , which is gathering a lot of interest from fans.

April has already seen CNBlue's comeback on the 4th, with VIXX, UP10TION, and SEVENTEEN due to comeback later in the month.

Perhaps it's the calm before the storm, but not much change was seen in the top of the pack.

iKON has stepped over 2AM, while BtoB is still making its way up. CNBlue has yet to benefit from their comeback, we will keep an eye out for them next week.

astro is still pushing up in the middle of the pack, keeping up their momentum from the previous week.

KNK and IMFACT are the groups to watch out for in the middle of the pack. IMFACT has surpassed The Legend in ranking.

In the bottom of the list, Hyukoh and Day6 are noticeable.

April will be a busy month for the boy groups, let's see what happens next week in the charts.

This has been the kpop boy group ranking for the 1st week of April

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