Finding out the going ons in the world of Kpop girl groups through the number of fan cafe members. Let's explore the issues of the 1st week of July.

MAMAMOO has gained an additional 200 fans,
while in the top 10, APink and GFriend are keeping up
with their popularity.

11~30 group: Oh My Girl has gained 300 fans and showed off
their constant popularity.
Twice has jumped up a spot to 21st with 330 new fans.
The newcomers, Gugudan, have leaped up 9 spots to 30th
with over 2000 new fans.

31~50 group: DIA is enjoying a constant increase in their fandom.
They have taken the 36th spot with 580 new fans this week.

51~70 group: Not much activity in this group.

71 and below: Not much activity in this group.

You can download the full chart image through the below link.

[Download the full chart]

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