Last winter was warmed up by Stellar's 2nd mini album "Sting".
Stellar's 7th single album will be turning up the heat this summer!
Makestar Magazine's Editor B has met up with the girls.

Editor B
Hello, Stellar~
It has been a while since the end of your last project.
How have you been? Tell us what you have been up to!

Jun-yool: We've been meeting our fans abroad at various events~
And we got right into preparing our next new song~

Ga-young: Exciting, right? We're curious as well, since it's not finished yet~
We are working hard on the new song, and getting ready for the comeback!

Editor B
So, you are busy getting ready for your comeback.
In the meantime, what is Stellar's way of maximizing the summer fun?

Jun-yool: Since we are busy with promotions, we can't go very far~
So, we eat lots of bingsu~ (Korean iced dessert)

Min-hee: Fruit bingsu for me! (Fruit bingsu is life!)

Ga-young: Watermelon juice!

Hyo-eun: We really like fruit~ So, we summer by having lots of seasonal fruits, bingsu, and juice~

Editor B
Is there a member that enjoys swimming or summer sports?

Jun-yool: Me! Me! I'm not a good swimmer~
But, I love the water! (Like a kid in a toy store!!)
I might have been a mermaid in my past life~ (haha)

Editor B:
What do you think is your major appeal?

Min-hee: Honesty!

Ga-young: Easy-going!

Jun-yool: Sort of a twist? On the stage, we are femme fatale.

Hyo-eun: Off the stage we're like the girls next door?!
Sometimes the girls next door, and sometimes the noonas next door! That kind of a twist!

Editor B:
I think the fans love that about you, keep at it!
Let us take a closer look at the project.
Your last Makestar project was a great success~
How did you feel?

Ga-young: We had no idea we had so many people rooting for us from abroad.
I think we were able to come out with an excellent album thanks to the support~
We will try even harder for an ever better album this time!
(All hail the leader!)

Editor B:
So, you have been finding out about non-local fans. Any of note?

Jun-yool: Recently, there was a gift that arrived from Egypt~
I was so surprised we even had fans in Egypt!
We four ladies are loved all over the world~

Editor B:
You have started a second project to repay the fans' love and support~
What sorts of things would you like to show the fans this time?

Ga-young: We are planning on a concept different from "Sting"
We are both excited and worried about the new attempt.
It would be great to share the experience with the fans.
We will put our hearts into it, so show us lots of love~ and let's make some beautiful memories!

Hyo-eun: You won't be disappointed!

[Watch the full Stellar interview here]

Stellar, Next Album
Looking forward to their comeback!

Makestar Editor B

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