<Avengers: Endgame> enjoying tremendous popularity!

It has topped the box office every day since its release in Korea.
Due to the intense competition for ticketing, Marvel Otaku who takes a vacation to get a good seat and goes to see the movie and on social network, <The Ten Commandments to Avoid Avengers Spoilers> are shared widely.
What if we cast the Avengers Heroes as KPOP stars? I've imagined, who do you think?
Please recommend KPOP stars and K-Drama stars to fit in various hero roles such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk ,and Black Widow, etc!
We'll send you as a gift through a lottery.
Leave a comment with KPOP star or K-Drama star's name to suit Avengers Hero role.


Iron Man → ?


Captain America → ?


Thor → ?


Hulk → ?


Black Widow → ? / Hawkeye → ?

※Image reference:  pixabay
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①Signed ASTRO Photobook + Photocard Set (01)
②Signed EXID Photobook + Postcard Set (01)
③Stellar Supporting Slogan + Calendar (01)
④Seo KangJoon Figure(01)
[3.Event period]
2019-05-03(Fri.) ~ 2019-05-17(Fri.) (KST)
[4.Winner announcement]
2019-05-23 (Thu) 17:00 (4 winners)
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①Share the link with #PleaseMakeStar #MAKESTAR hashtag on social network.
②The more liked the comment, chances of winning will be UP!
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※In principle, the winner will be charged customs fee on the reward product.



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Congratulations to all winners!

To get the event prize delivered, please send the required information listed below to pleasemakestar@makestar.com before Friday, May 31st (KST).

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