We've prepared a spring event that will make StarMakers excited!!!


Many idols serve as models of various brands such as cosmetics brands, beer/soju brands, clothing brands, and telecommunications companies. How many commercials did they shoot, It's a measure of idol popularity.


Let's show off what brand my favorite star is working as!


Leave a Comment KPOP idol model advertisement with a Photo.

Any ads is fine! TV commercials, YouTube ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, subway ads. Please post the KPOP idol model ads!


Period: 2019-03-21 ~ 04-03 (KST)

Requirement: Register comments and share them on Instagram or Twitter, including #PleaseMakeStar #MAKESTAR hashtag

Winner Announcement: 2019-04-05(Fri.) 16:00 PM (KST) (Total: 10 winners)


How to increase the chances of winning a prize?

-Multiple participation with different photo shots

-Add a link to the comment to prove that you have shared it through social network.

-If you receive a lot of 'LIKE' on social network, the probability of winning is UP!


※The uploaded photo can be used for MAKESTAR promotion.


Event prize

The List of Event Prize
★The ROSE Photocard Set (02)

★NU'EST W Photocard Set (02)

★B.A.P Photocard Set (02)

★WeKi MeKi Photocard Set (02)

★DIA Photocard Set (02)




<<Winner Announcement>>


 All Winners! Congratulations!


To deliver the event prize, please fill out the below requirements and reply to souliloquy@makestar.com. The deadline is 19th April (Fri.)



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