The first idol group we'd like to introduce for you,

it is H.B.Y!



As a 4-member idol group that debuted in 2017, it is a boy band that features the music and wrapping of electronic hip-hop sound.
The team's main rapper, Marco, and main vocal Taro, appeared on KBS survival program <Idol Reboot Project - The Unit> in 2018, and were unfortunately eliminated in the first round, but Marco was selected as a member of the final group and worked as a project group UNB for about a year.
Unlike his powerful SWAG, Marco, whose main specialty is a shining smile, had over 1.4 million views on YouTube and is also known for his own charm.
He then accelerated his UNB activities and met his first Japanese fans through the Japan Concert.
Thanks to him, H.B.Y became a group especially loved by Japanese fans after Korea. We hope you will become a fast their fan in March 2019 by seeing H.B.Y's M/V, <BBANG>


You can't miss the second!




The 7-member idol group! Debuted in March 2019! They have a strong ambition to shine like a star! You know? half of the members born in 2000 years so that it makes showing off their freshness. Among them, member HYEONGSEOK! He looks like that didn't look like the youngest. Feels older! He's captivating his fans through this charm. Also, member SEUNGJUN, who is in charge of vocal and choreography participated in the creation of the choreography performance of this album! We highly recommend you to be the No. 1 fan of ASTIN, who will perform the magic of spring with songs that match spring, and don't miss our special meal date too!♥

The third star you can't miss! 

This is NC.A!


NC.A debuted in 2013 with <My Student Teacher> and is now a solid female solo artist with six years since her debut.
From the 2018 KBS survival program <Idol Rebooting Project - The Unit>, she appeared to girl group activities through UNI.T. There is nothing that she can't do!
Thanks to her cool singing voice like a fizzy drink and her treasure-like voice, her nickname in UNI.T was <Ngridbird>.
Is that why? Even if there are people who haven't been there before, no one who went the NC.A concert only one time!
In just one minute, her concert sold out and even make held an encore concert.
She is encouraged and encouraged by her warm communication with her fans, and more, she meets all StarMakers for the 3rd time through Makestar project!
As of March 2019, the project is showing off its power over the 200% funding goal. Our first season, our second season together, and our new season, the new one to If it's over 230%, there's another NC.A's photo waiting for you. Come on, come on!


Introduce you to the 4th star,



They debuted as a five-member boy band in 2016 under a team name that means ""Be a big person"" and ""K-pop KNock.""
But now member Kim You-jin drop out due to his health problem, they re-organized their group as 5 members and now working with Makestar for new album projects
Even before his debut, member Seoham appeared in MBC's mini-series, where he first announced his face as an acting idol and appeared on SBS's <Star King> and other entertainment shows. All of the members also showed their guaranteed talents and charm by appearing on JTBC survival program,<Mix Nine>.
Because of this, they are loved not only at Korea but also abroad. In particular, they are winning the hearts of U.S. and Japanese fans, and are doing well on their names.
In addition, it is called a <Destructive idol> by overseas fans because all the members of Seoham, InSung, Jihoon, Dongwon, and Heejoon are showing off their stunning looks and are at least 180 centimeters tall and 190 centimeters tall.
Currently, Tinkerbell has huge support for its new album project, with 400% goal achievement ahead.
But! KNK hasn't decided on the official slogan phrase yet. Why don't you become a Tinkerbell and make a slogan phrase?


We also introduce the 5th idol group,




Girl group HOT PLACE is a 4-member girl group with the concept of bad girls who will make their official re-debut on March 29th.
The leader of the HOT PLACE, ‘JeJe’ attracted many attentions with her solo vocal and rap songs from a cover song, [K/DA-POP STAR] (League Of Legend OST) and Youtube Video of the cover song has achieved 200,000 views.
FULL H.P! We strongly recommend that you become a fan of Hot PLACE!



Lastly, we also want to introduce you




Good face and bad attitude ♬
The girl group, GeeGu is a combination of vocal and charismatic performances, unlike their lovely looks.
Already a year ago, the member ‘HARU’ was actively supported by Japanese fans as a beautiful vocalist through the song, ‘ [back number - Happy End (ハッピーエンド) ‘.
With this coming back, GeeGu has upgraded its vibrant and beady charm. We've registered a video of each member on the GeeGu comeback support project, so please check it out!


Don't miss the special fan meeting chance with the groups only through MAKESTAR project!