Thank you fans for participating in

#PleaseMakeStar event,

the Makestar 3rd year anniversary.


The final three artists, NU'EST, Astro, and Sunmi,

who were selected for the event that

their fandom designed and voted for a nimage.

We are posted the photo on the billboard

at Samsung Station on subway line 2 in Seoul,

so please visit and see a lot

from 2019.01.28(Mon) to 2019.02.27(Wed)



"Event for Starmakers"

Please take a photo and post the scene
where you saw your idol billboard!
If you prove that you've seen your idol billboard,
Makestar will give you a gift of a 50,000KRW!

How to Participate in an Event

1) Take pictures or videos of billboards.

2) Please add the required hashtag below and post it on Twitter or Instagram.

*Required hashtag: #MakeStar #PleaseMakeStar


Event Period: 19.01.28(Mon) to 19.02.27 (Wed.)

Winners Announcement: 19.03.04(Mon)

Winning Gift: Culture Gift Certificate (3 ppl with 50,000 won bills)

*If Starmaker lives in abroad, Makestar send lucky box worth 50,000KRW through EMS!