On the 3rd anniversary event of Makestar

130,000 comments left from 102 countries.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support.


Three groups of artists were selected as follows:
1st: NU'EST (25.09%)
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2nd: SUNMI(17.76%)
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3rd: ASTRO (10.31%)
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*Main Criterion for counting
a. It counts as one artist per an ID. But only two or more other artist references are counted separately.
b. False account (including an abusing account) and the number of repetitive comments are not accepted.
c. c. It counts in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese (based on correct spelling name for all languages). Also, other languages are counted if they are officially used.

Subsequent progress


and Selecting idea: 3 artists will be listed in Makestar community and fans upload

their advertise

ideas by working images.

Leave 'Heart' to the image that you like among the ideas and choose the ones that received the most Hearts. (period:01.08 18:00-01.15, KST)

b.Poll(vote): The selected idea based on 'a' contents (2~6 idea) will be uploaded in Makestar community and the final selection will be made by Hearts counts (period:01.16 18:00 -01.23, KST)

*The selected candidates will be contacted via e-mail.

c. Design delivery to an advertisement company (Expiration date:~01.24, KST)

d. Launch subway advertisement (Period: 01.28 ~ 02.27, KST)