Love, friends, study all those troubles solved in the witcshop!

A teen drama that transcends reality and fantasy!


As a solid story and charming characters make an exquisite harmony,

'Welcome to the witch shop' pilot#2 that captivated viewers

will be reborn as a web drama masterpiece according to the composition of the trendy production crew.


Please cast a new character 

to make 'Welcome to the witch shop' more brilliant!





A witch shop that can only be seen by people who have a desire for hope.

Hyeji becomes a official part-timer of the shop.

The witch does an extraordinary renewal of the shop since there was not coming guest for a long time.

The witch transforms into a high school girl, Yeongji,

and is transferred to Hyeji's class. Who will come to the witch shop this time?






EP.01 The possibility that oneloved man will like me


EP.02 When two people like me at once


To make the witch shop's story richer!

New characters have come together!




 How to be a casting director of web drama, 'Welcome to the Witchshop'?


Among idols you've been looking at,
please leave a comment of idol name (one male/ one female) for the role of Sungwoo and Yeongji this page!


Until 11 Dec., 2018!
Your opinion will be reflected in the casting!


Through your participation, the main character of the web drama, 'Welcome to the Witchshop' will be decided.


An opportunity to cast a main character of popular web drama!