'Master: God of Noodles' - An indepth look

The original work on which KBS' "Master: God of Noodles" is the graphic novel "God of Noodles" by none other than Park In Kwon.

Park is well-known for his previous work such as "Big Thing", "War of Money", and "King of Ambition", which were all made into TV drama series.

The original story takes us back to 1960, where a noodle master by the name of Ko Dae Chun, of the famed noodle shop "Su Rak Won" is publically searching for a protege in a son-in-law.

In order to gain fame, fortune, and a beautiful wife, noodle masters from all over step up to the challenge.

Gil Do and Jung Woo, co-owners of a noodle shop in the countryside, hear of this opportunity, and Jung Woo succeeds in replicating the Su Rak Won taste.

In an attempt to take the prize for his own, Gil Do pushes Jung Woo off a cliff, reaches Su Rak Won with Jung Woo's recipe, and succeeds in marrying the daugther of Ko Dae Chun.

30 years later, Jung Woo's son Moo Myung starts working at Su Rak Won with the intent of avenging his father's death. So, the story begins

[ Artist Park In Kwon's original manhwa "God of Noodles" ]

Though the title suggests a culinary themed manhwa, Park In Kwon's unique style of storytelling involving betrayal, conspiracy, and hidden dangers lends a unique spin on the plot. The drama seems to have taken many elements from the manhwa, but has taken liberties with some of the details involving characters and the storyline.

The following is a "Master: God of Noodles" character relationship chart

[ "Master: God of Noodles" Character Relationship Chart ]

It appears the character relationship will be more complex in the drama, than it was in the original work.

There are new characters thrown into the mix, so new plot branches can be expected.

The drama's main protagonist, and the son of Jung Tae, "Moo Myung" is played by the actor Chun Jung Myung.

In the original work, Moo Myung's parents are alive, and is kept in a nursery school to prepare him for revenge.

In the drama, however, Moo Myung has changed his name, and has gained himself entry at Goong Rak Won, in order to exact his revenge on Kim Gil Do.

In the role of the villain Kim Gil Do, the subject of Moo Myung's wrath, is the charismatic actor Cho Jae Hyun.

Just as in the original work, he is the epicenter of the main plot, and remains an overly ambitious villain, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

In the role of Kim Da Hae, Gil Do's daugther, and Moo Myung's way of approaching Gil Do, is the actress Gong Seung Yun.

In the drama, she enters Gook Rak Won, in an attempt to find out the truth behind her birth mother's death.

It seems she will be caught in the tragic love story with Moo Myung, just as she was in the original work.

The drama introduces new characters called "the Nursery School Quartet".

They will most likely aid the main characters in helping the story along.

According to a member of the drama's staff, "as the drama progresses, the relationship between the characters will deepen and complexities added. The interperonal stories from the past and the present will slowly pull all the characters together, so we hope you will look forward to the outcome."

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