How To Enter


1.  Leave a review of the photobook on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc. At least 1)


2. Please include the following hashtags : #Makestar #EXID #Photobook

- For Facebook or Blog posts, please make sure it is publicly shared.

- For Twitter or Instagram posts, you must include the hashtags (#Makestar #EXID #Photobook) when posting.



3. Click on the link below and leave the link in the comments of the Makestar event page.


EXID Photobook Review EVENT page >>  



Tip for a better chance at winning!


1. Write the three hashtags #Makestar #EXID #Photobook on a piece of paper and include it in the photo!

2. Highlight your name in the list of honorary producers before posting!



Event Period (in KST)

January 4th, 2018 ~ January 25th, 2018 ( 3 weeks )


Winning Prize

1 EXID Polaroid Photo (member random, total 15 winners)


Winner Announcement

January 31st, 2018 (WED) KST




NO. Nickname Mail
1 long828 queniek****
2 HANICAM ellieak****
3 Marlene marlene.****
4 온니하니 onlyha****
5 xxverse cathod****
6 malibu ramuta****
7 엘리걔이써 hamee****
8 ChristyTang Tszkei.tan****
9 영양제박쫑쫑 special48****
10 sdhmotion sisc****
11 IvyLin nage****
12 dark10181024 keita****
13 하니사랑하니 tgc****
14 橘子瓣 houyu****
15 이창이 73413****

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