Hello, this is Makestar.

Last december, No.1 Hallyu Crowd Funding Platform 'Makestar'
celebrated 1 Year Anniversary!

Makestar 1 Year Anniversary at a glance

Do you guys remember the lucky box event from last year?

So many of the starmkaers have left comments and
encouraging message, and Makestar sent the Lucky Box for the winners.

With numerous comments, we wanted to give out more,
so we prepared
20 lucky box instead of 10, which we have originally stated.

Lucky box contained random gifts from various stars,
so we, Makestar, put lot of thought in comprising
the goods for the starmakers.

As the major Hallyu contents platform, we have
prepared K-pop star's signed CDs, albums, toy stamp,
photobook, star stamp, group photo and mini photobook
to be part of the lucky box.

And along with our hand-written thank you card (tears)

We've also prepared couple of snacks.
Since we're "Hallyu" Crowd Funding Platform _^_

Snacks snacks snacks (Did you guys enjoy it 'ㅅ'
we didn't try it... tell us how it was..)

OK! Ready to ship off!!

Lucky Box Full Set sent to Korea, U.S, Japan, China, Singapore
Ireland, Austrailia, Bahrain, and other countries!!

We bet you guys loved it >0 <

But...!! After lucky box retrieval by the starmakers,
they started sending us some gifts.

Some of the starmakers made an 'unboxing' videos

[Video] I'm Back + Makestar 1 Year Anniversary Lucky Box!

[Video] Makestar Lucky Box Unboxing!

some sent us their famous snacks for our teams to share.

We thank all the starmakers
for your love and support.

Stay tuned for our projects and we hope for your participation!
Makestar won't disappoint you!

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