Fan event to celebrate the 28th Anniversary of SBS 'Unanswered Questions'


Fan event to celebrate the 28th Anniversary of SBS 'Unanswered Questions'

Fan event to celebrate the 28th Anniversary of SBS 'Unanswered Questions'


2/25/2020 ~3/20/2020

Let's celebrate the 28th anniversary of SBS 'Unanswered Questions' together!

Funding GoalUS$423.83
This is an "All or Nothing" project that will be rewarded to project participants when 100% of the project is achieved.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
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Project statusCompleted
1. Introduction of Creator

Hello, I am 'Aekang Salon', the fan event creator of SBS 'Unanswered Questions'.


This is a program that I've liked for a long time. I've been hooked on 'Unanswered Questions' YouTube recently, and I've been enjoying watching those videos after I get off from work.
It became my favorite channel because interviews with producers were interesting, such as behind-the-scenes stories that weren't aired on TV or updates that were being reported by viewers after the show.


"But, you know what?.."

March 31st is the 28th anniversary of 'Unanswered Questions'.
Amazing, isn't it? The first episode was aired on March 31, 1992.


I wanted to cheer for the production team of 'UnQ', which has been working hard and fighting for the viewers' right to know, so I created a fan event to celebrate the 28th anniversary of 'Unanswered Questions'.


2. Fan event plan

Let's take care of the 'UnQ' production team's health together!


It's so cool to see them working with the police without scaring to resolve the cases that are yet to be solved and track the serial killer down! I really respect them!!
But when I saw him being punched in the middle of the criminal coverage, that broke my heart. T.T I'm sure all the 'UnQ' fans feel the same way.


Since it's a long-lasting program, the producers will be old... too. With respect, I wanted to take care of their health!



▶Support Item: Red Ginseng Stick
▶Funding schedule: Feb.25. 2020 to Mar.20. 2020
▶Gift delivery: I'd like to send it to the production team by courier or quick service in the last week of March.
▶Receipt authentication: I will transparently disclose the amount of money raised and spent!


3. Target amount and fund-raising plan

Target amount: 516,500 KRW
▶Red ginseng stick 10ml x 30EA x10 boxes = approximately 500,000 KRW
▶Payment charge is 3.3% which will be about 16,500 KRW


To be sure, the collection money will be deposited into the MAKESTAR account, not into my personal account, and all information related to the use of the fund will be released to everyone through the updates.
As a fan event creator, I share all the plans and information needed to execute the cost on the updates and deposit them to the place of use from MAKESTAR. Then, I manage if it goes as planned after the execution of the cost.


What if the amount of funding is collected more than the target?
Since it's a fund made with fans of 'UnQ', I will make additional plans so that it can be used preciously.


For example,
Maybe we can do a 'food truck support' at the studio.
Maybe we can do a 'subway advertisement' to celebrate the 'UnQ' 28th anniversary.
I'd like to have an event to cheer for the 'UnQ' team with the audience!


4. Additional Messages

If you can buy Red Ginseng Sticks at a lower price than they sell on the market, please let me know via the cheering messages!

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can get a discount on Red Ginseng or the owners of franchise stores.


In addition, sorry about that I do something since I am only one of the big fans. I'll try to be a financial manager in the belief that you will be cheering 'UnQ' team in your own places with the same hearts as mine if you are the big fans of the 'UnQ' like me.

If you have any further questions, please leave a message in the cheering messages. I'll continue to communicate with you through the cheering messages.

Let's have an 'UnQ' fan event together♥


Thank you for reading the long article with your interest.


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