SBS drama <The King : Eternal Monarch> OST Preorder


SBS drama <The King : Eternal Monarch> OST Preorder

SBS drama <The King : Eternal Monarch> OST Preorder


6/9/2020 ~6/23/2020

The emperor Lee Gon, who came to this world from the parallel world to close the door of the dimension against the devil, and the world's detective, Jung Tae Eul who is trying to protect the life, people and love of someone. Romance fantasy drama, in which their cooperation is sometimes thrilling and sometimes heart-breaking.

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The work we introduce today is SBS drama <The King : Eternal Monarch>.

It was released on Netflix right after the end of each regular broadcast, so streamed all over the world.


It's a Romance fantasy drama between the emperor Lee Gon who came to this world from the parallel world to close the door of the dimension against the devil, and Jung Tae Eul, the detective of the world, who tries to protect someone's life, people, and love.


<The King> is written by Kim Eun Sook who had written 'Descendants of the Sun', 'Goblin' and 'Mr. Sunshine'. Since actor Lee Min Ho (playing Lee Gon) who played the male main character in 'The Heirs' which is Kim Eun Sook's previous work and actress Kim Go Eun (playing Jung Tae Eul) who played the female main character in 'Goblin' which is also Kim Eun Sook's previous work, it became more popular as they played the main characters.


It provided interesting viewing points with the unique world of parallel worlds, and the singularity of playing two roles by three actors.




All of OST masters in Korea,

<The King : Eternal Monarch> OST Preorder

 Component Details 

1. 2CDs (a total of 35 songs, including 13 sining songs and 22 score songs)

2. Hard Cover Photo Book with famous lines in the drama (180p)

3. The initial order limited edition of Mini Poster with main actor's autograph printed on it (3 types)

※The actor's signed mini posters (3ea), which are provided with limited initial orders, may be sold out early.


<The King: Eternal Monarch> OST tracklist



Part 1. Zion.T - I Just Want To Stay With You

Part 2. Hwa Sa - Orbit

Part 3. NELL - Gravity

Part 4. YONGZOO - Maze

Part 5. Ha Sung Woon - I Fall In Love

Part 6. DAVICHI - Please Don't Cry

Part 7. SWJA (SunWooJungA) -You Can't Stop It From Bloomming

Part 8. Paul Kim - Dream

Part 9. GAEKO, Kim Na Young - Heart Break

Part 10. ZICO, WENDY - My Day Is Full Of You

Part 11. Gummy - My Love

Part 12. Hwang Chi Yeol - Night all sleeped

Part 13. Lim Han-byul, Kim Jae-hwan - You are my first and last


[CD 2]

01. GaeMi, Park Jung Hwan - Title of The King
02. Park Yoon Seo - The Fantasia of Another Dimension
03. Park Jung Hwan - The Fantasia of Another Dimension
04. Lee Sung Goo - Empire
05. You Min Ho - Another World
06. Park Yoon Seo - The King Slayer
07. Park Mi Sun - Imperial
08. Lee Sung Goo - Empire Theme
09. Park Mi Sun - Prime Minister
10. GaeMi, Park Jung Hwan - King's Story
11. Park Jung Hwan - Into The Fantasy
12. Park Yoon Seo - Not Dead
13. GaeMi, Park Jung Hwan- My Love and…
14. Lee Sung Goo - Progress
15. GaeMi, Lee Gun Young - The Day
16. Park Jung Hwan - Where Has She Been?
17. Lee Gun Young - Hydrangea
18. Park Jung Hwan - Fury
19. Park Yoon Seo - Hold On
20. Lee Sung Goo – Luna
21. Park Mi Sun - Parallel World
22. GaeMi, Park Jung Hwan - The War Is Over




Enjoy <The King: Eternal Monarch> OST M/V 


 Part 1. Zion.T - I Just Want To Stay With You 

'I Just Want To Stay With You', sung by Zion.T, is a heart-warming song that they want and miss each other despite the fact that they cannot be unachievable.

Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) and Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) appeared in a fantastic scene facing each other, leaving a strong impression, and impower to their mournful 'Romance in parallel world'.


 Part 2. Hwa Sa - Orbit 

Hwa Sa's 'Orbit', which decorated the intense ending scene of the 1st and 2nd episodes of <The King>, expresses the fantastic and sophisticated atmosphere of <The King> and the mysteriousness that crosses dimensions, and the determination to protect the loved one.


 Part 5. Ha Sung Woon - I Fall In Love 

It is a medium tempo song that expresses the sweet heart of a man in love, and expresses the excitement of starting love with Ha Sung Woon's charming voice.


 Part 10. ZICO, WENDY - My Day Is Full Of You. 

Starting with WENDY's sweet humming, ZICO's rhythmical yet delicate voice combined perfectly with her shy voice as if she were carefully saying her feelings to the other, adding romance to the drama.




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