Weeekly 1st mini album [We are] Video call Event

CreatorPlay M Ent.

Weeekly 1st mini album [We are] Video call Event

Weeekly 1st mini album [We are] Video call Event

CreatorPlay M Ent.

7/20/2020 ~8/4/2020

Purchase the Weeekly 1st Mini album [We are] from MAKESTAR and have a chance to participate in a video call event.

Limited period
This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
Project statusReward shipping complete


The sales data you purchased through this project will be 100% reflected in Hanteo Chart, Gaon Chart and Music Bank Chart sales figures, both online and offline.





Among those who purchased Weeekly 1st Mini Album [We are] on this project page during the application period and left the sharing link of the video call event in the cheering message, we will select 7 people by a draw and be given with signed Polaroid photo! (Member random)

▶How to participate in the PR event

①Participate in <Weeekly Video Call Event>

②Share the news about the <Weeekly Video Call Event> on online communities such as your SNS, Cafes, open chatting room, etc.

③Certify the promotion to Project 'Cheering message'


cheering message standard

Say something to Weeekly + share SNS link
Example: [Weeekly] Weekly, whom I want to See Every Day, from Monday to Sunday 🌞
>> Video call Event sharing link: https://twitter.com/....


▶Event participation period: until Aug.04, 2020 (KST)

▶Announcement of winners: Aug.05, 2020, 6PM(KST), You can check the notice on the project page.

(The gift will be shipped with the album you purchased)






This week with Weeekly!
Weeekly [We are]



 Weeekly, a seven-member girl group who have been in the spotlight since their debut by revealing various sides of the members through various channels!

Weeekly's 1st mini-album, [We are], is an album that shows the unstoppable daily lives of ordinary and special teenage girls and their unique bright and healthy energy 'as they are'.🥰

Weeekly, who made their debut with [We are], the 1st mini album with a total of 5 tracks, including the funky pop dance number 'Tag Me (@Me)', which depicts Weeekly's 'Identity' in the most exquisite way.



Purchase the Weeekly [We are] from MAKESTAR,
and get a chance to apply for MAKESTAR limited edition photo card as well as video call event!




🌟MAKESTAR Special Features 1

30 people will be selected by a draw among those who purchase the Weeekly 1st Mini album through this project and invited to the [We are] video call event.


<Times and Places>

👉Aug.08, 2020 (Sat), 3PM (KST) (It is subject to change depending on the artist's schedule)


<The number of winners>

👉30 people


<Participation Period>

👉From July 20th to August 4th, 2020, 23:59 (KST)


<How to apply>

👉We will draw 30 people among those who purchase the Weeekly 1st Mini album through this project, and invite them to the video call event [We are].


<Announcement of winners>

👉MAKESTAR homepage at 6 p.m. on Aug.05th, 2020 (KST)



🌟 MAKESTAR Special Features 2

We will send Weeekly unreleased Photo card (MAKESTAR Limited Edition ver.) to everyone who purchase the Weeekly 1st Mini album through this project.

(2pc random per album, 7types in total)




Weeekly [We are] Video Call Event


❗ Please make sure to check it!

Seven members and one winner will have a video call for about 7 minutes (1 minutes per member) on a 1:1 basis.

- In this video call event, the winner will make a video call by the pre-selected channel from KakaoTalk (FaceTalk), LINE, or WeChat.
Please enter the name/channel/channel ID/phone number of the applicant in the comment box when applying for the event!!!

If you do not fill in the remarks 'Note' Section , how to correct:

Click the [Click] link below, click the pledge number, and edit the 'Note' Section in [Edit Delivery Info].
Please note that it is possible to modify the remarks 'Note' before the end of the project. 


 This product includes the coupon for applying, and you cannot cancel or refund due to the simple change of your mind after the announcement of the winners.



<How to apply for a video call event>

👉 30 people will be selected through a draw among those who purchase Weeekly [We are] on this project page within the application period.

Winners will be announced on MAKESTAR project page and to the winners individually.

The event schedule may change depending on the artist's schedule.

* The number of application available is not related to the number of orders, and you can apply for the total number of albums you purchased within this project.

* You can apply for the event only for orders that have been completed for payment.

* Refunds are not allowed for completed orders.

* On the order payment page, you must enter your contactable number including the messenger type / messenger ID / country code in the 'Comment' column at the bottom of the shipping information. 
ex) KakaoTalk / makestar1 / 82-10-0000-0000 
Refunds due to incorrect information and no-information are not allowed.

* In order to focus on the time between the fans and the artist, the signing during the video call event will not be carried out. After the event, they will sign and deliver it to you separately (signing on one of the CDs you purchased).

* You cannot specify the version of the CD to be signed, and it will be selected randomly among the CDs you purchased.

* For those who are unable to participate in the video call, we will send a signed CD with an artist's handwritten signature and an artist's proof photo (digital). (Based on the StarMaker name, signing on one of the CDs you purchased.)


<Caution for Event Application>

1.This event will only take place within a set time (based on KST). Please kindly check the event time and apply only if you can participate.

2. Please make sure to fill out the personal information below in the comment box when applying for the event.
- Applicant's name/channel/ID/phone number -


3.This event will be automatically submitted for as many albums as you purchased during the participation period, and after the announcement of winners, you cannot refund or cancel the product due to the simple change of your mind since the coupon for applying is included in this product.

e.g) purchased 2 of SET1 - automatically applied for 2 times / purchased 2 of SET1 and additional 3 of SET1 - automatically applied for 5 times

4.Video calls will only be made on the channel of Kakao Talk (FaceTalk), LINE, and WeChat selected by the winner. Please keep in mind that you can't change the channel after selecting the channel.

5. Please note in advance that this event will be submitted based on the your delivery information (name/email address/phone number) you enter when you order, not on member information.


6. After the video call, the name on the album is based on the name of the StarMaker name you wrote when you purchased it. (KOR/ENG/ available only)


7. You can apply for multiple time, but you can't win in duplicate.

8.Only the winner can participate in the video call event. It cannot be transferred to another person and will not be subject to any future events upon detection. (Not available to attend on behalf of you)




<Precautions during the Video Call>


1. Video calls will be made sequentially in the order in which the winners are announced.

2. On the day before the event, we will send you an information message through the channel you selected and you must reply.

3. We will send you a message about 5 minutes before the video call and you must reply. (Please note that the opening time of the video call after sending the message is subject to change depending on the event site.)

4. If you are not connected during the event, we're going to make another connection in the last order, and if you don't answer more than twice, we can't proceed with it anymore.

5. Only the winner can participate in the video call and may be forced to terminate if there is an event participant other than the winner.

6. If the winner loses connection or the connection becomes unstable due to his or her own problems such as using another App, it will be difficult to proceed with the event, so please kindly check the network environment in advance.

7. For a smooth process, please make sure to check the progress instructions and refrain from calling or texting the event host.

 8. For this event, video call event with the artist will be held immediately when the call is made and there is no waiting time for the call, so please check the video, sound, and Wi-Fi status in advance.




For. all applicants


1) Weeekly limited edition photo card
(Random 2 pcs per album, total 7 types)



For. Winners

1) Signed CD including StarMaker name (one of the CDs purchased)

2) Signed Polaroid photo (Member is Random)

3) Limited edition photo card 1 SET



For. Winners, but those who failed to attend the event

1) Signed CD including StarMaker name (one of the CDs purchased)

2) Weeekly's proof photo (Digital)

3) one signed Polaroid photo (Member is Random)

4) Limited edition photo card 1 SET



For. the winners of PR Event

1) Weeekly signed Polaroid photo 1 pc (Member is Random)








PROCESS from sales to delivery🚚

-MAKESTAR Limited Rewards will be produced immediately after the preorder, when the production quantity is confirmed.



You can order in this project until Aug.04, 2020. (KST)



We confirm on the quantity immediately after the project is end, and start producing the MAKESTAR Limited Rewards (including special offers).

*Reward production takes about 1 to 2 weeks on average.



Worldwide Shipping starts.

*Delivery schedule may be changed depending on the duration of the production and circumstances.







SET 1US$12.38

  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
  • 2. Weeekly 1st Mini album 1 pc
  • 3. Weeekly unreleased photo card (MAKESTAR Limited Edition ver.) 2 pc
  • * 2 pcs random (7 types in total)

SET 2US$24.77

  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
  • 2. Weeekly 1st Mini album 2 pcs
  • 3. Weeekly unreleased photo cards (MAKESTAR Limited Edition ver.4) 4 pcs)
  • * 4pcs random (7 types in total)