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  • AimeeT9 months ago

    Three hours left and we reached over 150% when there was a time we didn't think we could make our original goal! I am so so proud and excited for the boys and I am looking forward to this album with all my heart! Thank you to everyone who helped fund this project, let's continue to give them lots of support!

    Katherine S10 months ago

    Yay~~ 100%!! I'm so glad they succeeded! Congrats~ ♡

    AimeeT10 months ago

    We are less than 5% away from reaching our goal!! It is incredible to see how much support there is worldwide fro these incredible boys, I'm so proud to have been here from Day 1 of this project to support them! Let's work hard to reach that 100% and do them proud!

    Katherine S10 months ago

    So close~~ Just a few more pledges and they'll succeed! 화이팅~

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