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#6_Let's achieve 200% and get Uk's cherished item!



★★Mission! Achieve up to 200% for Uk Solo Album Project


The Uk project achieved 100% in the support of all Starmakers!
This time, we bring a new pledge for achieving 200%.


Mission_ Achieve 200% for Uk Solo Album Project!
Mission Compensation_ Uk's a cherished item


◆You want to get Uk's cherished item?

Participate in the Uk project and leave the reason why you should get his cherished item in the comment box below.
Among the people leave comments, we are going to pick 5 randomly and send Uk's cherished item.


Tip. How to increase your odds of winning
Promote the Uk project through your social network!
Leaving a comment with a link to the social network, will be made the winning rate is UP!


*Period: 2019.12.06~2019.01.11 ~ 01.20
*Winner announcement: 2019. 01. 22


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Over 200%!!!!!


First of all the question "why I should win" is not something what I really tend to go for because I feel bad for the people who don't win or to whom I could mighty take a chance to win. I would like to have the cherished item because I like Jeonguk's style along his talent and personality. I've been on so many giveaways and things like this but I never win 😂 Thank you guys for giving me over two years of best performances I attended to see and all this Makestar projects I was able to participate 💜 Jeonguk I hope you make 300 by surprise in the end 😂


Why should I win Jeonguk's cherished item? Actually it's not for me but for my best friend. She's really huge fan of him! She could literally talk about him an hour straight. She really adores him and his talent and personality. Because she's still a student and she's broke I bought one of these sets under her name as a birthday present. Her birthday is in March and Jeonguk's signed album will be the best birthday present for her! Could you imagine how surprised she could be after getting one of those cherished items??? I would like to thank her this way because thanks to her I'm 24U now. She showed me how amazing these boys are and I also want to give her something back. We already saw 24K live on their European tour last year, and it was absolutely amazing! She took a selfie with him and she couldn't be happier.


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I'm gonna say it out loud to the world that being a multi fandom I see a lot of talents out there. I totally salute & respect Mr Kim Jeonguk so much coz his talents, hardwork, & dedications are no joke. Jeonguk is forever my #1👑😻 idol #ultimatebias & Kim Beomgoo is hella adorable it makes me so happy😺😸😽 I will support this precious project to my best ability. And I hope to see you in Korea soon Mr Kim coz I'm about to drop that $$$ soon #set7


The reason why I should win, is that I'm a really big fan of Uk and also his group 24K. I never won anything before and it would be amazing if I would win this time. It would also mean a lot to me! Some of my friends are like “Esmee, I got respect for you. You really just promote Jeonguk every where and every moment. That’s being a fan on another level!” One of them seriously said that, but anyway, it would just mean a lot to me if I would win. I also really hope that the project will reach 200% before it ends, I was actually hoping for it to be 300%+ but I don’t have the money to buy an higher set or more sets.. So I can’t help anymore, I can only keep promoting, so I will keep doing that! I have promoted the solo album project like everywhere, via instagram, twitter, facebook, whatsapp, even in the magazine which I'm making for school. I think if you ask any of my friends about the solo album project they will know about it XD But I mean, it's never bad to promote your favorite artists, right? Here are some of the links of the promotion I did, I have to many links to put them all here. Sadly I don't have a link for the promotion on whatsapp or the promotion in the magazine.. (I hope that the facebook links work, one of the posts was published in a closed Dutch kpop group with over 4.500 members)


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Jeonguk is honestly such an inspiration to me. His music touches my heart, and I think it's amazing that he's stayed so humble with all the talent he has. When he released Wanna, I had it on repeat for 9 hours, I was in love. Every time a song drops, my heart skips a beat, and I stop everything I'm doing just to hear it haha. I'm working my heart out to support this project, as well as any group activities. I've flown from Australia to Korea twice just to see them for promotions, I flew to Japan to support their 2017 concert. I run the Australian 24U fanpage with my friend, where we help rally support and excitement from the Australian fanbase for all the projects the guys are involved in~ I post regular updates with stretch goals, and gain as many pledges as I can! Jeonguk! I'm so proud of you, I can't wait for the album to be released! I hope to be selected, so that his cherished item can become my cherished item :)


Jeonguk is my #1 artist and I love his solo and group work. I'd love to have his cherished item so that I could also cherish it and support him. Let's get to 200% everyone!


Jeonguk deserves the world! I hope we can reach the 200%! I really dont know what to say for why I should get his cherished item. I would be really happy and would cherish it. Good luck 24U! Lastly... Thank you Jeonguk. ❤🤗 Shared on my Twitter:


I wish I could get a cherished item from UK because I want a piece of him that can inspire me to be as successful and hard working like him. He is already an inspiration for me but I'd love to have something that might be a little more physical and special to motivate me. I honestly do love him and I hope he does well in this album and gets to 200% because he deserves it!

Camilla Bilhão

Why do I deserve it... To be honest, I don't know. I think I deserve it as much as every other 24u that loves and support Uk at every way they can ^^ I'm so glad that he's having the opportunity to release his solo album, I'm really really really happy for him ;-; I hope we achieve 200% soon 🙏🏼🙏🏼


After discovering 24k in amsterdam they hve been my number one and will always be. And honestly how could you not love this man♡ he deserves the best. But to the question why i would want the cherised item, Jeonguk was absent during the fansign I attended in seoul and now i have al these albums without his sign😞  this would be great as a replacement haha😂 De Tweet bekijken van @Gold__Destiny:

Katherine S

Jeonguk is amazing, and I'm so glad his solo album project was a success! 200% is so close~~ I really hope we achieve it! 💗


I've followed 24K for a long time now and they always cheer me up. Jeonguk is such an amazing person and he deserves all the love and support. I'm really happy that he has the chance to release this album. I've been to their fanmeeting in 2017 and it was one of the greatest days in my life. Sadly I didnt had the chance to go to one of the concerts yet. I'm so exited and can't wait to listen to the songs. He always has my support! :D LET'S GO 24U AND LETS REACH 200%😊💕


Jeonguk is such an amazing person inside and out. He always gives his all in all that he does. I’ve been with 24k since debut and I’m So lucky I was able to meet them last year in Chicago. Im so proud of how much he has grown since he joined the group and I’m So happy that he did. He is link that fun ball of energy that all 24U and 24k need sometimes to make their day a little better. Sending much love from the USA and I hope to see you guys again. Maybe jeonguk solo tour?! Shared on my Instagram:


Jeonguk is a beautiful person inside and out, and he is one of the most talented people I have ever seen. I got to meet him at a 24K concert last year and even though I probably overwhelmed him by telling him I love him a hundred times, he was still really sweet, as he always is. He is so hardworking and you can tell he clearly cares about all of his fans and the music he puts out for us. Which is why I want to support him and show him how much I appreciate everything he does. He's one of my favorite people in the world and I just want to make sure he knows he is loved. It would mean the world to me to have one of his cherished items because I cherish him more than anything. Shared his makestar link on Twitter!


I would like to get Jeonguk's cherished items, bc I'm so excited that I'm going to see him shine 🤩. I've always loved his (solo) rap/hip-hop songs and now we're getting an album aahhh!!!!😎 He's so hardworking and so talented, I'm so happy that he's finally getting a physical solo album. He deserves it so much. Let's get this project to 200%!!!! 24U's we can do this! Let's show Uk our power!💪 And Makestar thank you for making this happen🙏. I can't wait!!!!!!!! And good luck to all the other 24U's, I hope his cherished items get a great new home ♡♡ And last but not least: Jeonguk, good luck with the solo album! I'll support you 💞


I would be so happy to receive Jeonguks cherished item! But...GOOD LUCK TO ALL! And Thank you Jeonguk!

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