Top Secret Debut! Project Part 3
Project Synopsis
Top Secret's showcase was held on January 3rd! Here's an indepth look at the members at both the showcase and the green room! Make sure to join in on their mini concert project, and witness Top Secret's brand new stage~
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일급비밀 화이팅!!!!


안녕하세요! 일급비밀 필리핀팬임니다♡ 일급비밀 데뷔츄카해!!♡♡♡ 화이팅!!!

Katherine S

So cute~~ ♡ I'm not able to go to your mini concert, since I'm not in Korea... But I really hope you'll have another project with Makestar~ I'll definitely participate!!


아기 상어!!!!

If you want to join the project?
If you want to join the project?