• The Rose Special Photobook Project
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    • The Rose Special Photobook Project

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  • giukyssi3 hours ago

    does anyone didn't receive the tracking code, even if the general state says "reward shipping complete"?

    Justineloo3 hours ago

    Hello i’m Looking for ISABELLA MARQUEZ and HINO LAO who participated for this project It’s URGENT and very IMPORTANT ⚠️

    Mau09244 hours ago

    Got mine today!! This is sooo worth it!! Just in time to celebrate our 600th day with The Rose!! ❤️

    Leda5shinee4 hours ago

    So I was wondering for those who got set with accessories? Wasnt it supposed to be more than 1? I remember it being plural like saying get the accessories as seen in photobook. I just want to make sure.

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