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  • GLORIA PALADINO21 hours ago

    Someone know if they started to re-send again ? coz if i dont wrong they said they start to re-shipping on mail at 11 .

    Bianca-Maria13 days ago

    I just received an E-mail from you guys from MakeStar saying that the The Rose Special Event will be held this Saturday the 9th of March (2019/03/09). How can fans, especially overseas fans (I'm from Germany) be able to organize themselves with taking days off from work or school, booking plane tickets & a hotel room in just 3 and a half days? I think it's even difficult for fans living in Korea to change their whole schedule in such a short time. I have to say I am really disappointed and sad that i won't be able to attend The Rose Special Event because of you MakeStar who put this date on this Saturday already.

    etdippolito18 days ago

    Does anyone know what's happening with the exchange yet, the makestar e-mail said they'd be doing it for those of us who have the version with the mistake on the cover and spine of the book.

    Sweet Nellie19 days ago

    Does any know what happens if you can't be there to receive your package? I'm not home and changed the date but I guess it was too late it it says out for delivery

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