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#22_Stellar's Shopping Day
Do you guys remember 'Send Stellar Shopping' 700% achieved stretch goal?! Stellar members had a fun day shopping~ Starmakers have been waiting for this for so long! We're here with their update! Check it out! *1000% Reached: Stellar Comeback Ad in Subway Stations in Korea! (Will be proceeded during their Comeback season)
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Looks like their fanbase is largely from outside of South Korea.


Thank you everyone from the Stellar Support Project (Including the Stellar Shopping Fund Project), who contributed to provide the funds for the girls to go shopping! The Special Thanks list is a list of all the contributors that contributed the funds for the girls to spend on the day, or to save for themselves for later use, at their own discretion. You can tell that from this video, the girls are genuinely happy and feel the appreciation from Twinkles (as opposed to the from the other update videos in the past). We were able to raise $5080 USD for the girls to use at their discretion, which has been confirmed to have been delivered to the girls safely. The amount was evenly split between the four members for their use :) For updates on the Stellar Support Project, you can see them at: www.ideafan.co/stellar If you would like these updates in your email, you can subscribe yourself here: http://ideafan.us12.list-manage2.com/subscribe?u=d787fa449a3e99f1005d16be5&id=83c0ca80db

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Sinned Angel

Oh and in addition, they went to LotteLand didn't they? well, it's not they went together, but I saw Yuri and Hyoeun on their IG. And I think Minhee and Gayoung also went another day. I didn't know if it have anything to do with the "project" but I'm happy to see them going there. :D


I am glad they were finally able to go shopping. I hope there are more videos of them shopping at different stores. Or at least photos of everything each girl bought. That would make it easy to see what they lIke so we can buy them better presents next time. 😙


Yeah, that's true! I think that's why a lot of fans wanted to send Stellar shopping originally too. To find out more about their tastes!


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I'm really happy to see this video. The girls genuinely look happy, which is what we were after ^^ Thank you everyone who contributed funds to send the girls shopping~ ^^ It looks like the girls saved the rest of the money up for later use as well. Good on them! :)


Oh cool! Yeh, friend messaged me about this update and was like hmm? Then I see my name, woo! =)





Ded Lee

I Luv MinHee Mouse ^^

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