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#26_Stellar - Cover Dance ver.MV!

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[Exclusive] Stellar <Sting> MV (Official global fan cover ver)
Makestar supporters! The moment you have all been waiting for! Finally! <Sting> MV (Official global fan cover ver) is here! What a treat the amazing collaborative effort between Stellar and their global fans is! Makestar is proud to carry this world exclusive! Watch the video, and don't forget to share ^^
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@Johnnydp I'm glad you had fun participating regardless - in end, that's what matters right? I think we all had a bunch of fun dancing together. It's been great!


@拿铁 哈哈,对我也觉得很好玩! @チュー* そうだね~ステラの曲はいいですね~楽しいでしょう!






Oooh this got released on Stellar's Official YouTube channel now as well. How delightful! Check it out guys!


Congratulations to everyone who made it into the video! Everyone danced so well! It was probably best for mine to be excluded because it would ruin the entire video XD I still had a lot of fun, though. Thanks so much for holding this dance festival :)


@메이크스타 By the way, I know this is a Makestar exclusive, but have you considered having Stellar's Official YouTube channel also release a copy after a time? If they are able to keep at least some of the Makestar branding, it would be a great way for Stellar to cross-promote for Makestar!


The result of this dance cover festival is delightful! It's great to see the hard efforts of everyone that has participated, culminate to this. The editing is also very creative and done really well! It certainly feels like an MV! Thank you Stellar, Makestar, and The Entertainment Pascal! :)


this is amazing! thank you Stellar and thank you Makestar. it was super fun to participate <3


Wow, this is really awesome! Everyone's dancing is so good! Nice flow in the transitions too!


우아~ 대단들 하시네요. 어떻게 저렇게 다들 춤을 잘추나요? 완전 감동이에요~ 스텔라가 보면 눈물날듯!!

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