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#25_Stellar - Reward Delivery Notice!!

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Reward Delivery Notice
Hello, this is Makestar. A great big thank you to all the supporters of the project. The Stellar girls are currently getting all the rewards ready to ship out to you, so stay tuned~ To the pledgers of the project, please doublecheck your delivery information on Makestar's site. If you would kindly check the information once again, and include your <Real Name> in the "Notes" section of the delivery information by March 6th, the delivery process should proceed without a problem. The project creator, The Entertainment Pascal, and Makestar will not be responsible for unfulfilled delivery caused by incorrect or missing delivery information. Any costs incurred from redelivery may be charged to the recipient of the package, so please make certain all the information is correct and up to date before March 6th. Thank you for your continued support of the artists, and we ask for your continued interest in future projects here at Makestar. Makestar Login >> My Projects >> Stellar Project >> Edit >> Check the email, phone number, zipcode, addresses >> Enter the name of the recipient in the 'Notes' section >> Save Changes *** Only changes made before March 6th(KST) will be applied to reward delivery
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@poornigel @Barry Thanks for your help! I know how to do it now.


@campy I just used the "Notes Section" to include my full name! and also my address again! as it should be written on the package when sending to me. As i dont have a Zipcode, i have a postal code! so i used that section to give makestar my full name and postal address.


@Alan79131 This is an example address.... Address line 1: 83, Stellar Road. Address line 2: Vibrato (is the town.village you live in etc etc. and then "Marionette" for the city you are in. Hope this helps?


"If you would kindly check the information once again, and include your in the "Notes" section of the delivery information..." Do you mean "...and include your name in the "Notes" section..."? Also, will we be given tracking numbers for the rewards?


OK, so these boxes format themselves as they please - so just know the Apartment 201 goes on the second address line.


address is for your street address, Address Line 2 is for Apartment Numbers, Suite numbers, etc. Example" Joe Schmuck 1234 Pithole Drive Apartment 201 Bugville, TX 99999 If youy do not need Address Line 2 - Leave it blank.


Hi, I've tried contacting help@makestar for the last 2 weeks but still haven't received confirmation that my second set5 has been confirmed for delivery. Since you are sending the rewards very soon, can you please confirm this as a priority. Thank you


Does anybody know what's the difference between Address and Address Line 2?





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If you want to join the project?