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#14_I Want To Know S.I.S! #5.ANNE


1. What color would you choose to express yourself? Why?

- Purple! It's my favorite color.
(The color is unique and mesmerizing = Me)

2. What are the strengths/weaknesses of the members?

J-Sun unnie : She's always bright and has strong leadership. When she's full of energy, she's very cute. / Her voice is too loud!
Dal unnie : She listens to my stories well and we share common traits. She finds solutions to my problems well. / It take a long time to talk about herself.
Minzy unnie : Her calmness restrains my excitement. Her deep thoughts are something to admire. / She's too quiet.
Gaeul unnie : She's sooooo nice. She cares for others very much. / She cares for others too much that she sometimes cannot take care of herself.
Sebin : She has a lot of aegyo and she's bright. / She's tooo bright.

3. What are you most confident at?!

- I planned out the choreography for 'Ah Ya!' (of course with Minzy unnie.. lool) I think I'm good at it (!)

4. Something you want to do with your fans?

Dance class with fans! hehe
Go shopping together ( I'm very interested in fashion :) )
Everything's good if I'm with my fans. Haha~ I love you♥
Tokyo Dome concert!! (I'll do my best!)

5. Your motto in life?

- Everything happens at the right time. Don't miss out on the right timing!!



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