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#11_I Want To Know S.I.S! #2. Dal


1. What color would you choose to express yourself? Why?

- Lilac, the color of light purple is not too strong nor is it weak. I think its delicate color suits me well!


 2. What are you most confident at?!

- Gunnery! I haven't properly practiced it but I think I'm naturally talented at it..!

3. If there's a side to you that you want to show to the worldwide fans through the Makestar project?

- I want to show unique charms of each of the S.I.S members ♡

4. Something you want to do with your fans?

- I want to hold a S.I.S fan meeting to perform for our fans and also communicate with them more closely.

5. Your motto in life?

- If you can't avoid, enjoy!!



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아현이 연보라색 찰떡같이 잘 어울려ㅎㅎ

If you want to join the project?
If you want to join the project?