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#10_I Want To Know S.I.S! #1. J-Sun


   1. What color would you choose to express yourself ?  Why ?

   - Red! RED!! I think the color red expresses me well because I'm energetic and full of energy like red.

   2. What are you most confident at?!

   - Completing a task with integrity, Ballet I started when I was 8 years old, Dancing to a music that leads my heart.

  3. If there's a side to you that you want to show to the worldwide fans through the Makestar project?

  - I want to show my hidden charm other than an "unnie," "leader" J-Sun~
Please find out my hidden appeals through Makestar X)

  4. Something you want to do with your fans?

  - Hold a talk concert to get to know our fans more.
  - Go on a mukbang tour (traveling)
  - Flashmob event for 'I've Got A Feeling' or holding an event to teach the choreography
  - Our 2nd mini album

  5. Your motto in life?

  - Be strong and never give up! Stay until the end!
  - Opportunity only comes to those who are ready.



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If you want to join the project?