RUI Solo Album Project
Project Synopsis
#5_RUI's Selfie Part.3 & 300% Stretch Goal


We're back with RUI's Selfie Part.3!
Showing off her new charm everytime we see her~

Do you want to see more of RUI's diverse charm?
If the project reaches 300%, look forward to the stretch goal provided below and participate in the project if you still had not done so already!!



RUI's Solo Album Project

RUI's solo album UPGRADED from a regular album to a 'photobook album'!

If you want to see more of sexy RUI in a photobook album?!
Participate in the project right now~

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it's currently only at 118% but u are asking for 300% stretch goal with only 20days left..

If you want to join the project?
If you want to join the project?