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#2_This is seriously breathtaking! Real Smell's trombone play!
The first appeal from Makestar's real artist, Real Smell! Through this video, Real Smell nails this beautiful trombone play out in a sunsetting Traditional Korean Village! Come & Take a look at the beauty of Korean traditional houses, and detox you all's ears exhaused from urban noises with Real Smell's trombone sounds!
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Ax Lee

트럼본이란 악기 소리가 참 따뜻하네... 좋군...


와~~~!!!! 라는 말밖에...


아....... 멋있다~


와..트럼본 연주하는 모습 처음보는데...굉장히 멋지네요!

Marie Engel


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If you want to join the project?