[Fan Signing]PARK JIHOON 2nd EP Release


[Fan Signing]PARK JIHOON 2nd EP Release

[Fan Signing]PARK JIHOON 2nd EP Release


12/4/2019 ~12/9/2019

Participate in Fan Signing Celebrating PARK JIHOON's 2nd EP [360] Release!

Limited period
This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
Project statusDelivery Completed


Music sales data from both ON&OFF LINE STORES, 



All CDs purchased through the event will be reflected in the initial sales volume.

initial sales: 7 days after album release


CDs purchased for fan signing participation are randomly chosen from one of 3 versions and poster is not included.


Fan Signing participants can receive one album to be signed on-site.

The rest of other albums will be shipped after the project closes.


 For those who won the ticket to Fan Signing, but cannot/did not attend Fan Signing, will receive an autographed album shipped.


[PARK JIHOON 2nd EP [360] Release Fan Signing]

Time: Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at 8 PM

Place: Spigen Hall (B2 floor at 446, Bongeunsa-ro, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

Number of Guests: 100 total



[Raffle Period]

From December 4th, 2019 at 6 PM KST to December 9th, 2019 at 11:59 PM KST



[How to Enter Raffle]

Among StarMakers who purchase PARK JIHOON 2nd EP [360] Album

within PARK JIHOON Album Release Fan Signing Project period

(2019.12.04 6 PM KST ~ 2019.12.09 11:59 PM KST)

100 Lucky StarMakers will be randomly chosen and invited to Fan Signing!

* Number of possible raffle entries equal to the number of purchased CDs.

* The event will be only available to those who have completed the payment process.

* In case of one person with multiple winnings, only one winning will be accepted.



[How to Pick Up Album]

1. Exchange and refund are not available for CD purchases made to participate in Fan Signing.

2. . Fan Signing participants can receive one album to be signed on-site. For those who have purchased more than one album, the rest of the other albums will be shipped after the project closes.

3. For those who won the ticket to Fan Signing, but cannot/did not attend Fan Signing, will receive an autographed album shipped.

4. The remaining CDs will be shipped in sequence starting December 12th.



[Winner Announcement]

Announced on MAKESTAR website on December 10th, 2019 at 6PM KST


Please check the update page on PARK JIHOON Album Release Fan Signing!

*Winner Announcement will be only notified on our website.




1. Guests to Fan Signing must bring a physical ID card (i.e. registration card, student ID, passport, etc.) that includes a photo and date of birth for verification. If the guest is from a foreign country, he or she may bring a foreign registration card and/or passport.

(The verification process will include cross-checking orderer's name to the name on the ID card. If the name you have provided in the shipping information and the information on your ID is different, admission may be restricted.)

2. The ticket to Fan Signing is for 1 person only, and the guest him/herself can participate in the event. The guest cannot give or sell the ticket to other individuals. You are solely responsible for any damages caused by the ticket exchanges. If you are not in the winner roster, you cannot receive the ticket and enter the event.

3. The verification process starts at 7 PM. (Seating chart will be randomly chosen at the admission)

4. The guests can only receive an autograph from the artist on the CDs that have been distributed on the site of the event.

5. As this event takes place within a fixed time, please refrain from making requests that can prevent Fan Signing from proceeding (requesting to touch, to pose and/or view a specific camera, taking selfies, etc). When such an act is caught, the individual may be removed from the event by the on-site staff.

6. Guests may deliver the gift, and take photos and videos from their seats. However, photography and videography while waiting and receiving the autograph are strictly prohibited and will result in confiscation and escorted out of the event. Just having digital devices in your possession on the stage will be considered as such activities and such activities will result in confiscation and being asked out to leave. (The staff and MAKESTAR do not take responsibility for the damages to the confiscated items.)

7. Guests can only sit in their assigned seats during Fan Signing, and when an individual has been caught exchanging/moving his or her seat, he or she may be asked to leave.

8. Please refrain from entering and exiting the venue except for restroom use.

9. Fan Signing may be changed or canceled without prior notice depending on the circumstances of the Creator.

10. Should you have any questions, please forward them to [1:1 Inquiry] on MAKESTAR.





PARK JIHOON 2nd EP [360]

A successful solo artist PARK JIHOON's 2nd EP [360].

[360], which is also a song title, is about the spotlight that he receives and PARK JIHOON's confidence.


A man of various charms, PARK JIHOON demonstrates a sense of sensuality from [360] and affirms his identity as a global trend and one of the most beloved artists of the year.


The 2nd EP [360], contains a total of seven songs, under three different concepts -

which you will be able to see different sides of PARK JIHOON.



[Product Composition]

-Photocard: 9 photocards per version (one photocard is randomly chosen of 27 photocards)
-360-Degree Rotating Puzzle Card (3 versions)



[EP Specification]

 *The image below is an example and is subject to change.


[Fan Signing]PARK JIHOON 2nd EP Release Reward Introduction

Press the card of the Reward so that able to sample image and details of reward.



  • 1. PARK JIHOON - One [360] Album (random)
  • * The album will be chosen and sent randomly of three versions: 0 Degrees ver/180 Degrees ver./ 360 Degrees ver.