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    • Newkidd's debut support project

      CreatorJ-Flo Entertainment

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    US$6,182.65 Funding Goal239.3%
  • lex67BTS2 months ago

    yay 200% congrats newkidd <3333

    KiaGause2 months ago

    HAPPY NEW YEARS NEWKIDD MEMBERS ; I pray you guys have a successful debut and an amazing year. You guys deserve so much. Have a wonderful and great 2019 my lovelies.

    LOJ1SOL3 months ago

    I'm so excited for their debut, I'm sure they will do amazing and I hope this 2019 will be a fantastic year, full of activities and new experiences for Newkidd! Fighting!!

    Stream Shooting Star3 months ago

    I can't wait for your debut Newkidd! ❤ Newkidd fighting !!

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