Newkidd's debut support project
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#2_EVENT Newkidd wake you up in the morning!


 Newkidd, Wake-up call, please! EVENT 


Leave wake-up call script you desired to hear in comment below
until 12th, Dec (Wed)!


How to Participate in an event

Please leave a wake-up call script and the member you desired in the comment below.

(Korean or English)

ex) Get up~ Get up and go to school~ (Hansol)


Event Period

2018.12.03 ~ 2018.12.12


Wake-up call file is one of reward
from SET 2 to SET8 on the Newkidd's debut support project.

Not only get the member's voice and but also hear a saying I want?!




New wake-up call file will be created among the comments collected through the event by lottery! 

Looking forward to your fresh ideas.♥



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Angela Pham

Wow so awesome!!!


악 귀야웡 ㅜㅠㅠㅠ 배경화면 뭐해야하나 고민 021002번 하게되네여 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


NB! Please adjust the script if it sounds clumsy in Korean 🙏 I don't know how to make it sound cute 😭 1. Wake up and greet the new day! I wish you a bright morning and a successful day! 일어나서 새로운 날을 맞이해! 네가 밝은 아침과 성공적인 하루를 보냈으면 좋겠어! (최재우) 2. It's time to rise! Start your day with a happy smile so that you will feel happy for the rest of the day! 일어날 시간이야! 하루의 나머지를 행복하게 느끼도록 행복한 미소로 하루를 시작하라! (윤민) 3. Good morning! Open your eyes, it's time to wake up and start making your dreams come true! Let's both work hard! 좋은아침! 눈을 떠라, 깨어나서 꿈을 이룰 시간이다! 우리 둘 다 열심히 하자! (지한솔) 4. Good morning! Have a very special day! I want to see you soon! 좋은아침! 아주 특별한 하루 보내세요! 빨리 보고 싶어! (진권) 5. Good morning, sunshine! Have a great day ahead with love in your heart and good thoughts in your mind! 좋은 아침, 햇빛! 너의 마음 속에 사랑과 좋은 생각을 가진 다가오는 멋진 날을 보내세요! (우철) 6. Good morning! As long as we are together, it will always be a beautiful day. 좋은아침! 네가 나와 함께 있는 한, 언제나 아름다운 날이 될 거야! (휘) 7. Wake up, it's time for new chances! Enjoy your day to the fullest! 일어나, 새로운 기회를 잡을 시간이야! 하루를 마음껏 즐기세요! (Member – free pick) 8. Good morning! I just want to tell you that you are a very special person! I'm cheering for you with lots of love! 좋은아침! 단지 네가 매우 특별한 사람이라는 것을 말하고 싶어! 사랑해 응원하고 있어! (Member – free pick) 9. Begin your day with confidence! You give me a reason to be happy, I hope I can make your day happy too! 자신감을 가지고 하루를 시작하라! 너는 나에게 행복해야 할 이유를 줬어, 나도 너의 하루를 행복하게 해줄 수 있었으면 좋겠어! (Member – free pick) 10. Good morning! The joys and challenges in every day are changeable, but I will be there for you always! 좋은아침! 매일의 기쁨과 도전은 바뀔 수 있지만, 나는 항상 너를 위해 그곳에 있을 거야! (Member – free pick)


This comment has been deleted


일어나,안 일어나면 혼나


It´s time to wake up~ Come on~ Don´t be lazy, today it´s gonna be a good day ´cuz i´m supporting you. Let´s go! (Jinkwon)


누나 일어나세요! 난 게익 먹어십어요! 사주세요~~ 누나 일어나세요~~ (우철)


Wake up, Honey, 같이 놀아하자~ Honey, come on~ (Hansol)


Good morning! Make sure to smile and stay positive throughout the day! Have a great day :D. (지한솔 Ji Hansol)


(애교듬뿍) 아침이양 일어낭😘 안 일오나묜 윤민이 화낼꼬야 ❤️(윤민)


(따뜻하고 달달하게)좋은아침~! 잘 잤어?? 오늘도 좋은 하루보내^^ 우철이가 응원할게❤️(우철)


(with 부산 사투리) Wake up! You're going to be late if you don't wake up right now! (지한솔)


朝寝坊しないで早く起きて~。コーヒー淹れたから、一緒に飲もう~ (Choi Ji Ann)

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