NANO Mini Album Project
Project Synopsis
#6_Composing Songs Collection


A song that deserves to believe!

NANO that you trust and listen! NANO with an outstanding musical composition, as well as an atmospheric voice!

Today, we've gathered songs to see how well NANO is composed!

Please check the video below and cheer for us until the project is over!


진영 of GOT7 - 이렇게 (Hold Me) | 탑매니지먼트 OST



JBJ95 - 오늘밤 Tonight 3D AUDIO


VICTON(빅톤) _ TIME OF SORROW(오월애 (俉月哀))


KIM DONG HAN(김동한) _ Ain't No Time


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Bang Mary



NANO have so many talents! He can sing (his voice is so beautiful), he can rap, he can compose and write lyrics...and ofcourse he can dance 😀 I'm glad that you made this post because all this songs that he wrote are bops! I wish more people know about NANO's talents 🙏💖


나노의 조금 허스키한 달콤한 노랫 소리를 매우 좋아해요❤ ️ 진짜 모두 좋은 노래〜🎶💕🎶

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If you want to join the project?