MXM Photobook Project


MXM Photobook ProjectPhotobook재생

MXM Photobook Project


3/9/2018 ~5/11/2018

Two boys' MIX & MATCH charm and MORE X MORE skills. Don't miss out on MXM's Photobook Project!

Funding GoalUS$32,725.57
This is an "All or Nothing" project that will be rewarded to project participants when 100% of the project is achieved.
If it is not reached 100%, the participating amount will be refunded and also you won't get any reward.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
  • Star Makers779
Project statusDelivery Completed
※ Emergency Announcement : Due to some errors in the card payment service, pledgers in some countries are experiencing difficulties in participating in the project. For those who could not pledge for the MXM Photobook Project because of this difficulty, we are extending the project period until May 11th 23:59 (KST). -------------------------------------------------------------- STRETCH GOAL √100% : MXM Photobook Photocard SET ADDED! (6EA) √130% : MXM Photobook Postcard SET ADDED ! (6EA) √150% : 1 MXM Poster ADDED!






Always looking for ways to give back to their fans,

MXM now invites you to their MXM Photobook Project!














<Special Signing Event>


From the honorary producers of MXM Photobook Project,

100 lucky pledgers will be chosen

to attend the special fan signing event with MXM!


  1. Date : TBA
  2. Location : TBA
  3. Eligibility : 100 pledgers for MXM Photobook Project
  4. How to enter : 1 automatic entry per 1 photobook
  5. Winner announcement : Winners will be announced via MXM project update once the project ends.


** Detailed schedule for the event will be announced as soon as it is fixed.



    Ways to help the MXM Project succeed!
  1. Check out details of the [MXM Photobook Project], and pledge!
  2. Share the project with your friends on social media to let them know!
  3. Once the goal is reached, it's a success!


    *Benefits to MXM Pledgers*
  1. StarMakers who participate in the MXM Project may receive a one-of-a-kind limited MXM photobook and rewards.
  2. StarMakers who participate in the MXM Project may become their honorary producer.
  3. Check out exclusive MXM video contents of photobook making process through project updates at Makestar.



 !  Sharing is Caring!

Your help in promoting this project will go a long way to success!
Click on the social media share button, and give MXM a helping hand!



MXM Photobook Project Reward


 SET 1 


  1. Honorary producer certificate (digital)
  2. Limited MXM Photobook



 SET 2 


  1. Honorary producer certificate (digital)
  2. Limited MXM Photobook
  3. MXM digital stamp SET (LIM YOUNG MIN, KIM DONG HYUN 1 each)
    * Includes photobook behind-the-scenes video and photobook B cuts.






< What is a 'MXM Stamp'? >


The MXM Stamp is a cross between a 'Paper Toy' and 'Digital Stamp',
Each Stamp is made in the image of the MXM members from the photobook.





< How to use the MXM Stamp >


 Download the Makestar app on your smartphone.



Open the Makestar app.



Login using your Makestar account.



Lightly touch the phone screen with your MXM Stamp.



Navigate the app to access the additional digital content.



The additional digital content is only accessible with the MXM Stamp.




Project period: 2018.03.09~2018.05.11

Estimated shipping date: June 2018

  • Delivery charge may different on the destination country and selected method of delivery.
  • The expected delivery date is subject to change by the Creator. Any changes will be announced on the project page.
  • Detailed schedule for the event will be announced as soon as it is fixed.
  • Refunds for this Makestar project from pledger’s remorse cannot be honored.
    (Except when (1)the project has not reached its initial 100% funding goal, or/and (2)the project's Creator is not capable of start preparing the rewards in 12 months after the project ends.)