4/9/2021 ~4/15/2021

Buy MCND <MCND AGE> from MAKESTAR and get a limited edition photo card and a chance to get the signed album!

Limited period
This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
Project statusReward shipping start



The sales data you purchased through this project will be 100% reflected in Hanteo Chart, Gaon Chart and Music Bank Chart sales figures, both online and offline.




Among those who purchased MCND <MCND AGE> on this project page during the application period and left the sharing link of the signed album event in the cheering message, we will select 5 people by a draw and give you the 'Signed polaroid'! (Member Random)


▶How to participate in the PR event

①Participate in <MCND <MCND AGE> Signed album Event>
②Share the news about the <MCND <MCND AGE> Signed album Event> on online communities such as your SNS, Cafes, open chatting room, etc.
③Certify the promotion on the Project 'Cheering message' 


cheering message standard

[MCND] - What you want to say to MCND + SNS Sharing Link

Ex): [MCND] - I'll be on your side!!

>> Video call Event sharing link:


▶Event participation period: until 23:59PM on APR.15, 2021, (KST)
▶Announcement of winners: After 17:00 on APR.19, 2021 (KST), You can check the notice on the project page.







All participants of the event will recieve the MCND <AGE> handwritten-signed album as well as the signed album including StarMaker name with PS, signed polaroid (choose one member) and a special hologram photo card.


Application period
◾ From APR/09(Fri)/2021 to 23:59 on APR/15(Thu)/2021 (KST)
Announcement of winners
◾ After 17:00 on APR.19, 2021 on MAKESTAR website
How to apply
👉We will draw 50 people among those who purchased MCND <MCND AGE> on this event page during the event application period, and give them MCND <MCND AGE> signed album including StarMaker name.
* The number of applying is not related to the number of your orders and you can apply for the total number of albums you have purchased in this project.
* Only orders that have been processed for payment will be automatically submitted.
*Duplicate applications are possible, but you cannot win in duplicate applications.
*If you win for the signed album, you will receive one of the albums you purchased on this event page as a signed album.
*The name on the album is based on your StarMaker name entered when purchasing and can be within 10 characters only for Korea/English. (If your StarMaker name is not considered suitable, we may ask you to change.

*Please fill out the PS message you would like to receive in the 'Remarks' section of the payment page when you apply. This may not be reflected if it is deemed too long or inappropriate PS. 


The number of winners
◾ 50 people



🎀MAKESTAR Special🎀


📌All applicants
1) MCND Unreleased Selfie hologram photo card (1 photo card per album) (1 pc random out of 5 types)


2) MCND <MCND AGE> Handwritten signed album (1 pc out of albums you purchased, version random)


📌Rewards for winners
1) Signed album including StarMaker name with PS
2) Hologram Photo cards Set (5 types)
3) Signed polaroid (choose one member)

For the signed polaroid, you can choose one member. Please fill in the member name in Korean or English in the "Remarks" section of the payment page when applying. It will be shipped randomly unless you fill in the members' name in Korean or English. They will also be sent randomly if you enter multiple members' names.



📌Winners of the PR event

Signed Polaroid (RMember is random)



<Precautions for the event application>
1. The Items purchased during the event application period cannot be cancelled or refunded by the purchaser after the application is end.
(You can only cancel for the application you ask for cancellation until 23:59 on April 15th(KST), and you cannot cancel or refund any subsequent applications.) Also, if you cancel, you will be excluded from the application, so please kindly note it before purchasing.)
2. The name for the signed album or calling in video letter are based on your StarMaker name you entered when you ordered and within 10 characters in Korean/English are available only. (We may request a change if the StarMaker's name is not right.)
3. Duplicate applications are possible, but duplicate winners are not allowed.




🚚 PROCESS from sales to delivery

MAKESTAR Limited Rewards will be produced immediately after the preorder, when the production quantity is confirmed.
You can order on this project until 23:59PM on April 15th, 2021 (KST).
We confirm the quantity immediately after the project is ended, and start producing the MAKESTAR Limited Rewards (including special offers).
*It takes about a week to two weeks to produce rewards.
Worldwide Shipping starts.
*Delivery schedules are subject to change depending on production time and circumstances.



If there is a missing or damaged product, additional delivery or replacement is possible only for those who have sent a photo as a proof or unboxing video to MAKESTAR within a week of receipt of the product.

-Photo: attach the photo in 1:1 inquiry
-Video: After sending it to, and ask through 1:1 inquiry
*If 7 days have passed since you received the product (based on the tracking of the invoice), or if the photo or video is not attached, additional delivery or exchange is not possible. Please note this in advance as this will be the same even if you use the shipping agency.


MCND <MCND AGE> Signed Album EVENT Reward Introduction

Press the card of the Reward so that able to sample image and details of reward.



  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
  • 2. MCND <MCND AGE> CD 1 pc
  • * 1 pc random out of HIT ver. or GET ver.
  • 3. Hologram Photo card 1 pc
  • * 1EA random out of 5 types
  • 4. Coupon for signed album event 1 pc


  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
  • 2. MCND <MCND AGE> CD 2 pcs
  • * HIT ver. and GET ver. Set
  • 3. Hologram Photo cards 2 pcs
  • * 2EA random out of 5 types
  • 4. Coupon for signed album event 1 pc x2