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#15_In 2027, band Marmello will be doing...? Part.2 Yuna
On this May, the band Marmello revealed themselves to the public through their addictive, first Digital Single track, "Puppet."

Though their debut track merely captured what this ambitous rookie are ready to present, fans who have watched them live-performing or perhaps read how courageously these girls answered in interviews seem they are already getting excited for Marmello's next moves!


Started off from a question what these Rockstar-to-be girls would be doing in 2027, 10 years from now...
She says, "Life is all about Rock and Roll!!" Let's check out how the Marmello's guitarist, Yuna pictures her future!!



In 10 years, Marmello's Yuna will be!

I will become
the world's greatest "ROCK STAR"
who's known for the impeccable guitar plays! lml


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If you want to join the project?
If you want to join the project?