Girl Crush Debut Support Project


Girl Crush Debut Support ProjectAlbum재생

Girl Crush Debut Support Project


2/28/2019 ~4/30/2019

The dance team Girl Crush, which attracted attention with 10 million views from YouTube, challenge their official debut as a girl group.

Funding GoalUS$4,467.48
This is an "All or Nothing" project that will be rewarded to project participants when 100% of the project is achieved.
If it is not reached 100%, the participating amount will be refunded and also you won't get any reward.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
  • Star Makers100
Project statusDelivery Completed

Girl Crush Debut Support Project

ONLY on MAKESTAR! Girl Crush Cover Dance Video!

Girl Crush Debut Support Project that ended on April 30 achieved 150% on the last day of the project!
5/8/2019(KST)10 months ago

Debut Album 'Memories' Showcase Field Sketch (+Special Event) (+Winner Announcement)

Girl Crush members (Bomi, Taeri, Zia, Yo-na) releases their 1st album on 8th April 2019.
4/10/2019(KST)11 months ago

Announcement of Debut Album, 'Memories' Showcase Event

GirlCrush make their debut with the 1st album, 'Memories'!
4/2/2019(KST)11 months ago

Zia, Bomi, Taeri, Yo-na's TikTok Show

For celebrating 100% achievement, Girl Crush's aegyo Video has arrived!
3/26/2019(KST)11 months ago

Release Mini Poster B-cuts

You're falling in the attractive eyes~
3/21/2019(KST)11 months ago

MAKESTAR Exclusive! M/V Shooting Scene Cut

GirlCrush Debut Showcase date is confirmed as well!
3/15/2019(KST)11 months ago

Members Introduction

GirlCrush's greeting message has arrived~!
3/8/2019(KST)1 year ago

Announcement of Early Bird EVENT Winner List!

Let's reveal the 30 Starmakers, Early Bird Event Winners! (SET3 or more)
3/5/2019(KST)1 year ago