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  • 메이크스타26 days ago

    안녕하세요? 메이크스타 입니다. 간단하게나마 리워드 진행상황을 안내하여 드리고자 커뮤니티 댓글을 남깁니다 :) 페이버릿 프로젝트의 리워드는 현재 열심히 제작 중에 있습니다. 아티스트와 메이크스타 양 측 모두 최선을 다 하고 있으니 많은 응원 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다. Hello, This is Makestar. :D We'd like to give you a brief guide on the progress of the project reward so leave comments here :) The reward of the Favorite project is working hard. Rest assured, both artists and Makestar are doing their best. Thank you for your love and look forward to them a lot! Best regards, The Makestar team

    Lizzie_3 months ago

    200% Does this mean we might get two comebacks?!

    lckwan3 months ago

    150%가 되면 뭐 선물 없나? Is there any gift if we reach 150%? 達到150%的話有什麼禮物嗎?

    Johnny Rocco4 months ago

    Full throttle Favorite! Rocco is crossing his fingers that this promotion will be the breakout! (that means success for Favorite. it usually means jail for Rocco.)

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